Samantha & David

Married:  10/21/2021
Location:  Savannah, GA
Package:  Personalized Package

Congratulations, Samantha & David. I was honored you chose me to officiate your wedding. How about that handfasting ceremony during your vows! It was powerful. Wishing you the very best and tons of blessings in your sacred union.

Love Story Highlight

Night of the proposal: David saw an opportunity and asked Samantha to please let the dogs out. When she returned, David was there on one knee, with his trademark goofy grin presenting his future bride with a beautiful ring.

What She said about Him

“I love his beautiful eyes that I can just stare into all day and melt.”

What He said about Her

“She is the Ying to my Yang, the Bonnie to my Clyde, the light in my darkness, the beacon I can always find. The person that I love the most.”