Samantha & Austin

Married:  8/15/2021
Location:  Savannah, GA
Package:  Personalized Ceremony

Congratulations, Samantha & Austin. It was an honor to be there for and with you officiating your wedding. Wishing you continued blessings & love in your marriage.

Love Story Highlight

Austin was nervous and so in love with Samantha that he forgot to ask the question. Samantha, without missing a beat, said yes, and they were engaged.

What She said about Him

“He loves his job (way too much) plenty of times late at night or on the weekends he has gone into work to sort out problems for his soldiers when most would make them wait till normal work hours.”

What He said about Her

“I love how big of a heart she has and how much she cares about me and loves to help people.”

What a Guest said about Them

“They are themselves together and that’s important in a relationship. They both enjoy life and enjoy being together.”