Kimberly & Jonathan

Married:  10/03/2021
Location:  Tybee Island, GA
Package:  All-Inclusive Package

Congratulations, Kimberly & Jonathan. What a beautiful couple you are. It was a great honor spending a few hours with you in Marriage Reflection sessions and then the grand finale – to officiate your wedding. May many blessings and ever-lasting love be with you in your sacred union.

Love Story Highlight

Jonathan managed to get someone at Kimberly’s work to measure her ring finger to get the right size for her wedding ring – and he managed it without giving it away!

What She said about Him

“Jonathan has always been there for me to get me through anything. He supports me in anything that I want to do. He’s right by my side all the time.”

What He said about Her

“She is the strongest person I know, who without fail will try her hardest to support me, let me continue to grow, and make sure I’m happy.”