Jaret & Dustin

Married:  8/13/2021
Location:  Savannah, GA
Package:  Personalized Ceremony

Congratulations, Jaret & Dustin. I am so honored that I had the opportunity to get to know you a little bit through your love story, and that you allowed me to share that story with your friends and family. Everlasting blessings and love to both of you in your sacred union.

Love Story Highlight

“Please remember this place forever because this is the place, I am asking you to marry me.” (says Dustin to Jaret)

What Jaret said about Dustin

“He always sees the best in me and supports me no matter what. Even when I’m being stubborn, Dustin is patient – by God is he patient.”

What Dustin said about Jaret

“I love how caring he is for everyone no matter who they are. He is always the first one to go without so someone can have.

He is truly the most humble, selfless person I know.”

What a Guest said about Them

“You can see when they look at each other that they are so madly in love which at times even makes them crazy over each other but at the end of the day I know they will get through anything together because they are truly meant to be.”