Genevieve & Charles

Married:  10/18/2020
Location:  Savannah, GA
Package:  All-Inclusive with Marriage Coaching

Congratulations, Charles & Genevieve. It was a great pleasure working with you and finally telling your love story in front of your friends and family.

Love Story Highlight

The proposal on Diamond Beach in Iceland.

What She said about Him

“I love that on my weakest days he’s my voice of reason and the perfect hug to comfort me. On the best days- he’s the first one I want to run to and share my joys with.”

What He said about Her

“I think everyone here today with us can agree that I’m one of the most stubborn, hard-headed people they know. I am happy she has the tolerance to deal with me.”

What a Guest said about Them

“The strength they have together has always amazed me… striving to be better for and with each other. They will have an amazing future as husband and wife.”