Caitlin & Oliver

Married:  11/20/2021
Location:  Savannah. GA
Package:  Personalized Package

Congratulations, Caitlin & Oliver. What a beautiful couple you are. The deep love between the two of you is so obvious to everyone. I was honored to be there when you read your vows to each other and finally unite you in the sacred union of marriage. Wishing you a long life in pure love together.

Love Story Highlight

“Their first date exceeded both of their expectations as they talked for many hours and rather quickly became obsessed with each other’s company. There were no surprises, and they felt that they’ve known each other for their entire life.”

What She said about Him

“When I call after work he always says, “HEY CB!!” and my heart melts because I’ve never met someone that is so excited about me like Oliver is.”

What He said about Her

“Above all else, I love her selfless kindness she shows effortlessly every day. She naturally asks more questions about others than she answers and always thinks about other people’s needs and happiness.”