Amber & Jesse

Married:  08/21/2020
Location:  Cincinnati, OH
Package:  All-Inclusive with Marriage Coaching

Congratulations Amber & Jesse. lt was an honor to marry you, and I really enjoyed getting to know you through our marriage coaching sessions. I absolutely loved the venue you chose: The Monastery in Cincinnati, OH.

Love Story Highlight

Jesse met Amber, for the first time at a Bachelorette party of all places. It was his sister’s Bachelorette party.

What She said about Him

“His personality blows me out of the water. I always tell him he is not funny, because I want to be the funny one in our relationship, but God knows, he is way funnier than I am.”

What He said about Her

“We have been on many journeys and Amber is the only person I would want to be with on those journeys.”

What a Guest said about Them

“Amber’s initial attitude about Jesse: he was nice, I’ll see him again. After a few dates, Amber realized that Jesse is the real deal.